Varices et Chirurgie par le Docteur Gorny

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Un chirurgien avec une longue expérience des maladies veineuses Consultations et soins phlébologiques Bilan et décision opératoire Une clinique dotée d'équipements de pointe Intervention Visite post-opératoire et résultats

A surgeon with a long experience of venous diseases

Consultation and vein medical treatment centre

Assessment and decision to undergo surgery

A surgical centre with the best facilities and equipment

Operating Room
Surgical procedure

Postoperative visit and Results



Cicatrices au 7e jour.
Scars by day 7: they are already in the process of disappearance

It is possible on the spot in Paris
This visit takes place on the 7th or 8th day depending on the case, in the consulting-room at Blvd. de Courcelles, 75017 Paris.
Dr. Gorny takes off the bandages himself and explains any pertinent information concerning the operated limb.
He then gives a double of the surgical report, a booklet detailing the times of healing, possible complications, prevention measures and future monitoring to the patient
He prescribes graduated compression stockings or special socks for intermittent preventive use (and explains the best way to using them).

If it is not possible for geographic reasons
Under these conditions a specific booklet will be given the patient beforehand, which gives all the useful explanations so that he can do it there where he is. In addition, a telephone appointment is taken for the 8th day with Dr. Gorny to discuss postoperative matters. On this occasion the doctor makes his comments, gives his recommendations and if needed, his instructions.


Result at d+7

Before surgery

Avant l'intervention

Résultats à J45

45 days after surgery