Varices et Chirurgie par le Docteur Gorny

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Un chirurgien avec une longue expérience des maladies veineuses Consultations et soins phlébologiques Bilan et décision opératoire Une clinique dotée d'équipements de pointe Intervention Visite post-opératoire et résultats

A surgeon with a long experience of venous diseases

Consultation and vein medical treatment centre

Assessment and decision to undergo surgery

A surgical centre with the best facilities and equipment

Operating Room
Surgical procedure

Postoperative visit and Results


Accueil de la patiente au bloc opératoire Début de l'intervention Retour en centre ambulatoire Sortie de l'opérée - 2 à 3 h plus tard
Welcoming of the patients to the operating room The beginning of the surgical procedure Return to the ambulatory centre Patient's discharge 2-3 hours later

Videos of surgical procedures

L'opération en film

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Intervention par laser endoveineux en film

90 % of our operations are done without hospitalisation (ambulatory protocol) and are carried out under pure local anaesthesia or assisted local anaesthesia (unless stipulated otherwise by the patient), in order to allow a fast exit.

Operations, whether they are carried out by surgery or endo-venous laser, are minimally invasive (see photographs and films).

Operations for repetitive cases and certain more complex operations can in the majority of the cases profit from an ambulatory protocol.

When two legs are to be operated on in one session, the ambulatory protocol is not always applicable. It depends on the importance of the work to be carried out.

In the operating room, an anaesthetist is always present and supervises the entire surgical procedure

The surgical procedure and the immediate follow up are usually simple and not painful.

Patients can leave 3 hours after the operation and after a visit from Dr. Gorny. He supervises this final phase, helping the patients to take their first steps. He also gives them all the documents they will need (regulations and booklet of recommendations for the week).

In the majority of the cases the patients can go home the very same day (provided the return trip takes less than 4 hours). They can also spend a night in a hotel close to the surgical centre (within 500m, one can find three of them: Courtyard Marriot - Neuilly/seine, Meridien and Concorde Lafayette - Pte Maillot, Paris). You should count on spending about 200 euros for the night. If any patients want to remain at the clinic until the following day, just tell Dr. Gorny (Please note - this option is more expensive than staying in a hotel)

Various circumstances can result in modifications to the procedure:

  • Unusual complications might lead the anaesthetist or the surgeon to keep the person operated on (for his or her own safety) at the clinic for a night for monitoring. This circumstance remains exceptional.

  • Some patients might want complete anaesthesia, whether one or both legs are being operated on. Leaving the next morning is then preferable.