Varices et Chirurgie par le Docteur Gorny

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Un chirurgien avec une longue expérience des maladies veineuses Consultations et soins phlébologiques Bilan et décision opératoire Une clinique dotée d'équipements de pointe Intervention Visite post-opératoire et résultats

A surgeon with a long experience of venous diseases

Consultation and vein medical treatment centre

Assessment and decision to undergo surgery

A surgical centre with the best facilities and equipment

Operating Room
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 Dr Philippe Gorny : Competence and surgical background

Former Assistant Professor in Cardiac Surgery at the Hospital of Paris with two of the most prestigious teams in France (Prof. Christian Cabrol at Hôpital de la Pitié and Prof. Alain Carpentier at Hôpital Broussais), graduate in vascular surgery and angiology (Paris), author of many publications and several books in the cardiovascular field, Dr. Philippe Gorny was one of the pioneers in France in surgery on veins practised in ambulatory mode (without hospitalisation) and under local anaesthesia.

Having operated over 30 years on more than 10 000 patients with vein related diseases, he has acquired a great deal of experience in the treatment of varicose veins as well as of complex redo operations related to these types of problems, using methods that hardly leaves a scar.
To contact Dr Gorny : +33 1 44 40 06 06 / +33 6 16 76 44 64 and/or possibly have information on tariffs including the expenses of the surgical center.