This patient suffers from venous insufficiency of the long saphenous vein that is to be removed.
Ligation of the terminal part of the vein ( reversed blood flow main source) is performed at the sapheno-femoral junction and the origin of the vein is divided at the ankle.
A woven thread is passed inside and along the vein and secured to the vein tip.
Pulling the thread in the opposite direction turns the vein inside-out and pills it out from the soft tissues of the leg.
Mapping and marking of the varicose veins is done just before the procedure using a duplex ultrasound Doppler.
The operation is usually performed under local anaesthesia in a conscious patient.
Varicose veins are removed by hook phlebectomy.
The saphenous vein is ligated at the groin and the woven thread introduced into and along the vein.
Inverted stripping of the saphenous vein results in minimal trauma (especially on nerves) as compared to traditional stripping or thermal techniques. No trauma is inflicted on the surrounding soft tissues.
To sum up: Minimally invasive – No hospitalisation - Cosmetic results – Long term good results