Varices et Chirurgie par le Docteur Gorny

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Un chirurgien avec une longue expérience des maladies veineuses Consultations et soins phlébologiques Bilan et décision opératoire Une clinique dotée d'équipements de pointe Intervention Visite post-opératoire et résultats

A surgeon with a long experience of venous diseases

Consultation and vein medical treatment centre

Assessment and decision to undergo surgery

A surgical centre with the best facilities and equipment

Operating Room
Surgical procedure

Postoperative visit and Results


Our phlebology office is located at 88 Blvd. de Courcelles, 75017 Paris
(close to Monceau Park – Tel. +33 1 44 40 06 06).

Docteur Dominique Chahine
Dr Dominique Chahine

Specialized in angiology Dr. Dominique Chahine heads the team. She is assisted by Dr. Anne Dufils, also a graduate in angiology.

Ultrasound explorations for assessments, preoperative venous mapping, treatments by cosmetic sclerotherapy or laser or by thermo-coagulation and follow-ups after surgery take place at the Blvd. de Courcelles office.
Note: Everyone here speaks English well.
(Fees: consultations, sclerotherapy session = €100 / duplex scanning and laser session = €150)

Entrée du cabinet
Office entrance
Salle d'attente
Waiting room
Bureau de consultation
Consultation area
Salle de consultation
Consultation room
Matériel d'exploration
Consultation room
Le docteur Chanine
Duplex scanning equipment
Microsclerose esthétique
Sclerotherapy session
Soins Laser
Laser session

Ultrasound and imaging session

Ultrasound and imaging session

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